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In this era of Big Data, decision makers struggle to manage multiple sources of information on an enterprise level. Designed specifically for flexible data management, Aperity’s proprietary INTEGRATOR™ tool collects, cleanses, and integrates complex data sets from nearly any source quickly and accurately.

INTEGRATOR™ lets you harness the power of superior invoice-level data so you can extract better insights faster — from any analytics tool you use.

  • Align disparate data streams into a single, reliable source.
  • Present data that informs, rather than overwhelms.
  • Build consistancy in how decisions are made across your organization.

Hundreds of Integrations

Our dynamic process allows disparate data sources to be added in record time. Let Aperity be your accelerator for your data team. Leading CPG organizations today use Aperity to help them better integrate and build insights quickly and accurately so they can spend more time on analytics and less on data prep, harmonization, and cleansing..

  • Depletions
  • RAD/Invoice
  • Nielsen TDLinx
  • Nielsen Spectra
  • Nielsen Scantrack/Nitro
  • Shipments
  • CRM/In Store Program
  • KPIs
  • Retailer Scan Data
  • Survey Data

Runs Anywhere

Aperity's Integrator runs on the cloud platform of your choice and can even be integrated into internal server infastructures. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. Integratior isn't a black box, clients have as much visiblity as desired into our processes and data structures.

Massively Scalable

Integrator provides customized data layers so a client’s existing reporting platforms can be leveraged, rather than being rebuilt.

Dynamic layers ensure that stores, products, and KPI’s are implemented with little to no code. Comprehensive data warehouses can be spun up in as little as 30 days and are further scalable without sacrificing performance.

Store Cleansing & Matching

Integrator uses machine learning to immediately pre-match rows with 98% accuracy to what the TDLinx submission service will return – reducing turn around time on matching volume to TDLinx from weeks/months to near live.

Product Cleansing & Matching

Clients can also utilize Integrator platform to match products across multiple syndicated sources. This allows them to quickly complete-picture trends, as well as standardize reporting across an organization. With Integrator, you can use the power of machine learning to merge sources like NABCA, Retailer Scan, and Nielsen into one single source of truth.

Extensive audit, balancing, and integrated data restate processes then ensures your new master sets are clean and usable.

CRM Enhancement

Important attributes from CRM tools like Salesforce need to be aligned to data warehouse platforms. Clients often create accounts before volume shows up in RAD/Invoice or Nielsen maps the row in their Retail Sync processing. Aperity can manage the sync between your CRM and your data warehouse.

    As part of this serivice:

  • Aperity manages “Client Store Master” rows from the CRM
  • An unlimited number of custom attributes can be added
  • Volume is ensured to be tied properly to new and existing rows.
  • Routine checks for duplicate Client Store Master records are continously done.
Aperity has improved our visibility to the prior month’s data by 5–8 days over our previous provider – and we have more confidence in the data quality.

Sue Lively

Sales Analyst | Patron Spirits

The ease of Aperity’s web and mobile reporting has strengthened communication with our distributor partners, driving mutual profitability and the growth of our brands.

Erica Lopez

Senior IT Director | Beam Suntory

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