Aperity Solves the Supply Chain Data Flow Problem

Data flowing back to each constituent
is consistent and accurate

Gone are the days of running your business with slow and inaccurate data

Welcome to the Aperity Data Exchange, the first community-centric data solution that helps facilitate business insights between supply chain partners. The Data Exchange is not another one-size-fits-all black box solution. Instead our open, inclusive platform allows you to easily share and collaborate with your supply chain partners.

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Data Exchange Five Core Tenets:

  1. Data is owned by Data Exchange members
  2. Members decide what data can be shared
  3. Members have full data visibility and traceability
  4. Members have flexibility to add new supply chain partners
  5. Members deserve to receive accurate data in a timely manner

Aperity Data Exchange

Data Exchange Flow
“We are excited to be an inaugural member of the Aperity Data Exchange. The existing data collection solutions in the beverage industry do not provide the visibility, accuracy and timeliness that our beverage and non-beverage clients expect.”
Mark Sarros
President | Equity Alliance


Aperity Data Integrator


A transparent data collection, cleansing and machine learning engine with a library of certified connectors.

Aperity Data Manager


A robust data platform for data governance, visibility and issue resolution.

Aperity Data Analyzer


Role-based playbooks of reports and analytics that enable actionable insights.