Gain Full Visibility Across Your Data Landscape

It is time to manage your data as a business asset. Aperity’s Data Manager is a data management and governance solution that automates the administrative processes of acquiring, validating, storing and resolving issues pertaining to data.

Improve data governance and visibility. Resolve data issues and transparency. Deploy Data Manager however you need it - its fast, scalable and flexible solution is available in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid manner.

Data Governance Graphic

Core Capabilities

  • Data Quality: issue tracking dashboards and resolution
  • Metadata Management: data dictionary including data model and KPIs
  • Data Auditing, freezing and restatements
  • Data Architecture: cloud, on-premise or hybrid
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“Data is a company's most valuable asset. We launched Data Manager to make it easy for our customers to track data lineage and fundamentally take back control of their data.”
John Madalon
Founder & CEO | Aperity, Inc.

Data Management Dashboard

Data Management Dashboard
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