Encompass Technologies


Located in Fort Collins, CO, and founded by father and son team, Kent and Jonathan O'Neil, Encompass Technologies provides a comprehensive cloud-based route accounting system. Encompass has grown to over 200 employees and continues to be the fastest-growing route accounting system for beverage, food and cannabis distributors in the US, converting over 50 wholesalers per year.

Many Encompass employees have held positions in the beverage distribution industry, either in sales, delivery, warehouse or management roles. Our real-world experience enables us to have a rich dialogue with our customers that cuts through the technical jargon to produce a product that solves relevant problems and streamlines the operations of a beverage distributor.


Encompass Technologies’ comprehensive RAS helps over 600 beverage distribution warehouses increase operational efficiency and manage growth effectively. The customizable system is specifically built for the beverage distribution industry and functions to fit your unique business needs with products like route accounting, warehouse management, sales execution, logistics, warehouse automation, retailer ordering tools, and more. Take control of your business with this all-in-one cloud-based system, Encompass RAS.


Jake Sampson
VP of Sales & Marketing
(970) 449-8000