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CCG is a cloud, data and analytics company that helps organizations become more insights-driven, solve complex challenges and accelerate growth. We empower customers to gain greater visibility into their data and make informed decisions in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Our strategic offerings are designed to deliver speed-to-value, improve business outcomes and unify teams around a common view of trusted insights.

We pride ourselves on building trusted partnerships and offerings the support you need to champion the most complex data, analytics and cloud initiatives. Whether your organization is seeking more personalized customer connections, reduced risk or improved margins, our team is personally invested in your success.

Get More from Your Customer Analytics: CI for Retail Overview

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CCG’s featured analytics platform, Customer Intelligence for Retail, works to quickly consolidate and analyze data from all systems and applications for access to a complete and accurate view of customer buying behaviors, preferences and interactions. When paired with our proven Data Governance framework, organizations can effectively leverage cleansed and governed data for quicker analytics insights. Learn how to get an accurate view of your customer data with CI for Retail, and how to effectively cleanse and govern your data through CCG’s proven Data Governance framework.

CCG’s Proven Data Governance Framework

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